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Current Time: Oct 20, 2017 7:22 AM CDT

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WTB Hillstream Loaches, Kuhli's, Cobitidae

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Subject: WTB Hillstream Loaches, Kuhli's, Cobitidae
Username: Livewater
Time/Date: Aug 26, 2017 3:18 AM CDT

    I'm a big time loach enthusiast, especially for the hillstream species.

    If you have ANY uncommon loaches for sale let me know!

    Most interested in hillstream loaches, the Balitorid family (the flat sucker body loaches, such as Sewellia, Gastromyzon, Pseudogastromyzon, Erromyzon, Hemimyzon, Beaufortia, etc).
    But also extremely interested in Cobitidae family of loaches - the snake body types (Cobitis, Niwaella, Lepidocephalichthys,Kichulchoia)
    Not really interested in Botiid loaches anymore (Botia, Sinibotia, etc.)
    But I am also a fan of anyone uncommon patterned/species of Kuhli loaches (Pangio)

    If you have any of what may interest me, feel free to contact me no matter how old this WTB post is, even if you already listed the fish on AquaBid (I don't always check listings, so notify me)

    Thank you. I am located in the USA


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