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 for Wanted Ads > Freshwater Fish - Catfish - Corydoradinae > RARE Corydoras, Aspidoras, Scleromystax, Brochis
Current Time: Sep 22, 2017 3:29 AM CDT

RARE Corydoras, Aspidoras, Scleromystax, Brochis

RARE Corydoras, Aspidoras, Scleromystax, Brochis, Livewater, 3:04:43 AM 8/26/17

Subject: RARE Corydoras, Aspidoras, Scleromystax, Brochis
Username: Livewater
Time/Date: Aug 26, 2017 3:04 AM CDT

    I am a Corydoras enthusiast (keeping and breeding). If you have any rare Corydoras for sale or you have a import list of species you can get, let me know.

    I'm always in search of new and rare Corydoradinae, so feel free to send me a message no matter how old this WTB listing has been up. Even if you already have the fish listed (I don't always check AquaBid, but I do check my email regularly)

    Thank you
    I am located in the USA. I do not own a store and I do not have an import license (you can ship to a wholesaler/retailer that does though), I am just a hobbyist.

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