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JustMe Page For: Mysteryguy


Thanks for looking!!
Hi my Wife and I thank you for looking at our babies. We are Hobbyist who love to raise high quality fish and share our babies with every one, and Most of the folks we have met here on A/B are Awesome!, then there are the rest! (you know who you are!) Please remember We are not a Fish Mill!! we dont breed 100's of fish to get as many as we can, we dont buy fish and claim them as our own! we dont sell other folks fish as a rule (if they ask for help we will!!) That's how we roll!:)Again I'm sorry all this had to be said but it DID! If you have won an auction of ours, you know we are Good people! and want nothing more than to make this a wonderful experience for you! just like our first time on A/B!...I use the same auction templates and photos over again, the reason is, I'm not a good photographer, the photos I do have, took around 500 per strain to get 5 or 6 good ones, and the fish are the same, so that's why, and if you ever have a question, please feel free to ask anything Thanks Again! Robyn & Mike ........Feedback: I get behind a lot! but I will leave it! as soon as I can! if your a new bidder and need it fast just let me know!

Shipping And D.O.A.
we ship the Monday after the auction closes, we give a live arrival guarantee till the next Friday, that's 5 full days, longer than most, we pack them to last a week or more (longest were Mt sword tails, 16 days in Dec of 14.) if there are any doa's (extras do count) send a few photos within 3 hours of delivery, and we will replace them for the a new $5 box fee, if not available, a cash refund in the appropriate amount, bottom line, you get your fish, or your money back! Shipping in winter months, we check the weather for each auction winner, if there are delays in your or our ares due to weather, we will let you know, and ship the next available date, but don't worry, you will get your auction, thanks for understanding, it's all about the fish!

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