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How Do I Post an Item?

Posting your items for sale here at this auction is both free and easy. Simply register if you have not already. Our system automatically mails your password within usually a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait). Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to Change Registration to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

Again, we charge currently nothing to buy or sell items. In the future, we do reserve the right to add premium features that other auction sites have like bold listings, featured auctions, and the like. For those, we may charge a nominal rate.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on Post New Item on the menu at the bottom of any auction screen. Fill in the form that pops up with a short descriptive title (make it snazzy to get people's attention). Next, select the category the item should be in (if you don't see an appropriate category on the drop down list, please e-mail us and ask for that category to be added. Be a little patient, please--we get LOTS of e-mail.

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