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Reserve Auction
An auction in which the seller has set a minimum price for the item and reserves the right to accept or decline any and all bids. The minimum acceptable price may or may not be disclosed. Also known as an auction subject to confirmation and auction with reserve.

Reserve Price
The minimum price a seller will accept for an item to be sold at a reserve auction. This amount may or may not be disclosed.

The user term for retaliatory negative feedback, posted by one user in response to another user's negative feedback.

Reverse Trio
Known, female and two males

S&H Charges
Shipping and handling charges

Seller List
A list of items a seller has put up for sale on an online auction site.

Seller Search
An automated search that retrieves a list of all the items a seller has put up for sale on an online auction site.

Fraudulent bidding by the seller (using an alternate registration) or an associate of the seller in order to inflate the price of an item. Also known as bid rigging and collusion.

Bidding in the closing minutes or seconds of an auction to outbid other buyers.

Starting Price
The mandatory starting bid for a given auction, set by the seller at the time of listing.

The period of time that an agreement is in effect.

Terms of Service
A legally binding agreement that outlines an auction site's operations and policies. All registered users must agree to a site's terms before using the service.

Known, male and 2 females

User Discussion Boards
Public message boards where online auction site users can post their comments and questions.

User ID
A moniker that identifies a user while on an online auction site.

User Information
Personal data provided by a user when registering for an online auction site, including name, address, email, and phone number.

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