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___Super Red BN Plecos 18-20 mo old Trio M/M/F___
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Current Auction Time: Tue Jun 15 04:39:49 2021

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Started Apr 19 2021 - 11:16:05 AM Location ELK GROVE CA 95758 United States
Ended Apr 22 2021 - 11:16:04 AM
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Seller Vry12501 (10/10) 10-50
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Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Trio

Guaranteed 2 male and female! 18 to 20 month old fish. Big males at 3.5+" available

About My Fish

  • Parent fish are unrelated and a mature pair (Male is 6"+). I originally purchased them as my algae team for my planted aquariums.
  • Plecos are 18-20 months old and sexually mature. I have siblings from this group that are already breeding. Provided with the right conditions and they can start breeding 2 months or sooner
  • Fish breed true super reds. No albinos, blacks, calico bristlenose are produced from my line.
  • Guaranteed pair - I don't mix too many different ages of super reds in my grow-out tanks. This ensures that I can reliably determine the age of my fish. You won't get sleeper males from my pairs.
  • Males are 3" to 4"+ and females are 2" to 2.5" in size. My policy is to sell and ship the biggest fish first! Please also look at my photo on how I determine my females.


Bristlenose plecos are not very picky eaters but I provide them with quality food. The main foods listed are my go-to food for my plecos but other food can be introduced by gradually feeding it to them. Other listed foods are given as a snack or treat (twice or once a week). This ensures the fish have a varied diet.
  • Repashy Soilent Green (Main food)
  • Zucchini (Main food) - washed with hot water and peeled
  • Green Beans (Main food) - 2x feedings per week. Tried both salted(cheaper) and unsalted with my group with no issues
  • Hikari Algae Wafers (Snack)
  • Xtreme Monster Pellets (Snack) - this with a combined diet of feeding of high fiber foods. Don't feed your plecos this food unless you feed them a lot of veggies
  • Fluval Bug Bites - I give them this food just to make sure they know a common box store food. I would recommend the pleco bug bites version
  • Repashy Bottom Scratcher - Weekly

Water Parameters

  • Water Temp: 72-75 - I'm experimenting with colder water to cut down on my electricity bill during the winter
  • TDS: 160 to 240 TDS (My water source has switched for fall-winter)
  • PH: 6.2 to 6.6

Shipping Info, Terms and Conditions

  • I ship using USPS Priority Mail - No Live Arrival Guarantee. NO refunds provided for this shipping option. I have good experience shipping fish with this method as long as buyer is familiar how quickly priority mail gets to their location
  • I ship using USPS Express (preferred) - Live Arrival Guarantee - refunds are provided for this fish as long as the buyer sends a picture of the dead fish in the sealed bag within 2 hours of delivery. Shipping cost is non-refundable. Buyer can also get replacement fish if they are willing to pay for shipping. Shipping delays from this method are covered by USPS and I will replace dead fish from express shipping delays if I have the fish available. Buyer may file claim from USPS for the delayed shipment if the fish survive.
  • Fish are put on fasting 16-24 hours before being shipped. This reduces fish poop in the bag an ensures better survival during shipping.
  • I ship Mondays and Tuesdays only! Last orders are accepted at Saturday for Monday shipping and Sunday for Tuesday shipping. You can order a few days ahead.
  • Fish are individually double-bagged using 4 mil polybags (total 8 mil for 2 bags) and I use pure oxygen for each bag. I use an impulse sealer to seal my bag instead of rubber bands and all corners are sealed to prevent fish deaths from bag corners.
  • Fish are shipped in styrofoam insulated box. I use a hot wire cutter to make my styro liners to ensure better seal at the edges. All boxes has "live fish - handle with care stickers"
  • Heatpacks are available and will be provided at no extra cost. Please be mindful of your local weather.
  • Buyer must provide zip code to get shipping cost after auction closes.

Important info

  • Please be mindful if you experience shipping delays in your area. I can work with you on a specific Monday or Tuesday to ship if you have weather or pandemic related issues but be aware of how long USPS shipments get to your location
  • I have no intention of selling extra females since I have more males than females at this time. I can sell extra males for an additional $20 or extra pairs for $75.

About Payment

  • Payment by Paypal Only (Goods and services)

Please contact me if you have any question regarding my fish or if you want multiple trios Thanks for shopping!

Click on the images for a bigger picture.
**Some pictures show bigger fish which I sell for pairs.

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