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Corydoras sterbai Itenez
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Current Auction Time: Wed Jan 19 08:15:40 2022

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Started Oct 21 2021 - 08:28:41 PM Location Sheridan WY 82801 United States
Ended Oct 28 2021 - 08:28:41 PM
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Seller Dansfish (192/193) 101-500JustMe
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Dan's Fish LogoCorydoras sterbai Itenez

Corydoras sterbai Itenez

1 Fish. More Available.

For pics, vids, shipping, and alive arrival guarantee information please visit


Natural Range: Itenez, Bolivia

Source: Tank Bred and raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.25"

Max Size: 2.5"

Offering Sexed Fish / Pairs: Sold unsexed

Overview: These come from fish collected by Dr. Joachim Knaak in Itenez, Bolivia.

I’ll never forget when I first saw Corydoras sterbai. It was in the early ‘90s. I was about 13 years old, and was visiting Jim Forshey, owner of the Aquatic Bookshop and my fish Godfather, for the first time. Up until I walked into Jim’s fishroom, I had thought all corydoras were basically colorless, brown fish. I was stunned when I saw a group of colorful Corydoras sterbai in one of Jim’s tanks. They have been one of my favorites ever since. Back then, they were very rare in the hobby and a group cost more than I earned mowing lawns in a year. However, with its orange pectoral fin rays and striped pattern made from many horizontal rows of small dots, this has become one of the most popular aquarium catfish and prices have become much more reasonable.

Almost all Corydoras are perfect citizens in a peaceful community aquarium. There are hundreds of species with a wide range of colors, patterns, and fin shapes. Affectionately referred to as Corys, these small catfish are always entertaining as they clown around together searching for food. They are usually non-aggressive, relying on their heavy body armor to protect them. Corys live by the phrase "make love, not war," spawning in large communal aggregations without combat or displays of dominance. Because of their peaceful nature, there is usually never any worry about stress due to bullying or hierarchy disputes.

Something interesting about these catfish is how they supplement their oxygen intake by breathing atmospheric air. They do this by darting up to the surface, taking a gulp of air, and darting back down to the substrate. This is perfectly normal behavior which adds to the charm of their clownish behavior.

Setup Considerations: Corydoras can be found on a wide range of substrates in the wild ranging from mud to sand to rock. However, all the species we have kept have greatly appreciated a substrate of fine sand which they constantly sift through for food, often burying their faces up to their eyeballs as they push into the sand. Fine sand is not strictly necessary and they will do just fine on a wide variety of substrates, or even on the glass bottom of an aquarium, but, if you can provide sand, you will see a lot of really enjoyable behavior as they root around for food.

Specific Care Requirements: This fish is highly gregarious and only truly thrives when kept in groups...the bigger the better.

Diet: Omnivore. Corydoras need protein rich foods in order to thrive. Unfortunately, they are often sold as "cleaner" fish with the expectation that they will get enough nutrition by sucking algae and other gunk from the substrate. While they do need some plant matter in their diet, they are not effective algae eaters. In fact, for optimal health, it is recommended that they be target fed a variety of sinking pellets and wafers, as well as the occasional offering of frozen and live foods. They can eat quite a lot, but are somewhat slow feeders. We have found that regularly feeding long-lasting foods such as large pellets, wafers, and Repashy and letting the Corys graze on these foods for a few hours at a time helps keep them fat and sassy.

Shipping: Live arrival guaranteed. More fish available as of this posting. We are happy to combine shipping on orders.

  • UPS Next Day - Large: Fits 16 for $39.95
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  • UPS Next Day - Small: Fits 3 for $29.95

Thanks for looking! Dan

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