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Russian Red daphnia 6 bags w/2 oz bottle of algae
Item #1632587639

Current Auction Time: Tue Dec 7 22:35:45 2021

Final: $45.00 (reserve price met) First Bid $45.00
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Started Sep 11 2021 - 11:33:59 AM Location Riverton UT 84065 United States
Ended Sep 25 2021 - 11:33:59 AM
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Seller Swordtails1 (443/447) 101-500
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High Bidder Emmerichd (41/41) 10-50

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Russian Red daphnia Live 8400 count 6 bags You are Buying 8400 Planktonic crustaceans (6 bags of daphnia and 2 oz bottle of algae paste to feed the dpahnia The exact species unspecified: (Daphnia magna and/or moina). We do not specify or guarantee the exact mixture or species as we raise them together and ship from whichever culture tanks are ready. The daphnia cultures start out shipped in green water -- but will eat it before you see it. We have options to ship bags of green water separate from the daphnia. The daphnia will number at least 8400 and will be shipped by Priority mail or Fedex This is a culture we have had for over 10 years and I was told it is from an original culture taken from the Moscow Zoo alligator pond in the 60s. It has some adaptations to survive in adverse water conditions in the hobby all those years. They like but do not require the green water and will do just fine on Yeast. Just a Pinch Do Not Overfeed. We also make our own daphnia food using food grade algaes and the powdered all- in-one drink mixes. This type of feed is more expensive and prone to overfeeding so most people use the yeast or some similar hobby recipes. I typically have an airline bubbling and some snails with no heater. A functioning culture has detritus decaying and apparently producing bacteria and infusoria for the newborns. They can live down to freezing -- but at reduced vigor. Shipping temperatures are not a problem as long as it is under 90F. Daphnia are small, planktonic crustaceans, between 0.2 and 5 mm in length. Daphnia are members of the order Cladocera, and are one of the several small aquatic crustaceans commonly called water fleas. The pictures are of the strains we sell . They will all be females and probably clones of one ancestral female. If there are both species types -- the russian reds and moina -- there will be two sets of cloned females. If you want to have both sexes you have to stress them -- usually in really cold water -- then they will produce eggs -- ephippia -- and if you can hatch them there will be two sexes in the hatchlings. The moina are smaller -- buzz around like bees -- have an odd hooked tail end -- hide on the bottom when you change their water -- and have a black line/question-mark kind of like a spine down their bodies. Note -- in the main picture -- you can see some of the hooked question marks of the moina. Shipping Info Most people want Priority Mail which is not guaranteed for live arrival or for a delivery time but is usually successful without cold/heat packs when your local temperatures remain between 60F and 90F for 72 hours after the date we agree to mail them -- so pay attention to your local weather. We ship the daphnia in green water -- if the water is not green they have eaten all of it. The Russian Reds are usually red in color and my previous investigations into Brine Shrimp indicates that color is indicative of an increased amount of hemoglobin. I was told -- but don't ask me to prove it -- that these guys have been distributed through the hobby since the 1960s when they were originally collected from the alligator pond at the Moscow Zoo -- thus the name. Perhaps this strain is like the legendary Yeti or the real life Sherpas of the Himalayas -- naturally selected or adapted for a low-oxygen environment -- I wonder how a Sherpa would do in a marathon race?? The water of some of my established cultures appear reddish. In interviews of some of my friends that have crashed the cultures the common denominator is a boom before the crash -- keep some low-level safety cultures going for insurance -- don't have all of your culture risked in boom culturing for more food. Feeding daily rather than in mass feedings every week or few days is less risky. The green water is not required but helps get a culture going. Black dots in the daphnia are eggs which indicates that the conditions are adverse -- they normally reproduce asexually (all females). my paypal address is

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