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_______Any Two Large Starters - WW - BW - MW - VE
Item #1632292205

Current Auction Time: Tue Dec 7 22:01:46 2021

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Started Sep 19 2021 - 01:30:05 AM Location Paducah KY 42002 United States
Ended Sep 22 2021 - 01:30:05 AM
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Seller Fishguy_1955 (5497/5528) 1000+
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High Bidder Mbolo (194/196) 101-500

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Pick Any Two Large 2oz Starters

Pick Any Two Large 2oz Starters

Micro Worm - Banana Worm - Walter Worm - Vinegar Eel

Includes Baker's Yeast Culture Food - Feeding Pipettes

Very Thorough Instructions Provided With Purchase

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This auction includes large two ounce starter cultures of any two of the four nematode worms widely cultured and used as a first/second food for fry of many species of freshwater tropical fish. These are healthy, sizable cultures that can be used to start mother cultures that will be ready to feed in short order.

The walter worm is much smaller (about half the size ) than its cousin the micro worm and is a perfect first food for very small fry. Walter worms were first isolated and cultured by Helmut Walter of Germany in 2002, and were introduced to California aquarists when he visited there that same year. Walter worms can stay alive in the tank for 24 hours or more and float in the water column longer than their larger cousins which gives your fry longer to find them.

Banana worms are similar to walter worms but more prolific, with a very rapid doubling time.They are also smaller than micro worms and share the wally worm's ability to stay alive in tank water longer than micro worms. After a few days of walter/banana worms, very small fry are able to progress to micro worms and then over the hump to newly hatched brine shrimp. Even newly hatched larger fry like cichlids benefit immensely from a few days of walter/banana and micro worms.

The micro worm (Panagrellus redivivus) is the larger of the three nematodes commonly used in the hobby as first and second live foods and is on a par with newly hatched baby brine shrimp in terms of vital nutrients and protein, but is much easier to culture and maintain. The ropes on the lid of the culture below are composed of micro worms waiting to be wiped off with a fingertip or knife blade and swished into a tank of hungry fry.

These nematode worms thrive in a simple culture medium of oatmeal enriched with a small sprinkle of active baker's yeast - supplied with your starter. Room temperature up to about 85 F is acceptable, and the worm throw 40 or so young from the their 4th day on. There will ALWAYS be enough worms on hand for all the fry you can produce. Within literally days of starting your cultures with our large starter portion you will see the surface of your cultures shimmering with millions of worms. The white areas on the sides of the culture below are many thousands of micro worms.

You may also select a vinegar eel starter. Absolutely the easiest of all nematodes to culture - they really aren't eels - and a culture that is the first choice of many breeders of fish with very small fry. They do reproduce slower and are more work to harvest, but the cultures go forever once they get going strong.

Click HERE for an in-depth discussion of vinegar eels.

You also get thee of my 7ml feeding pipettes

These heavy duty - and most importantly wide barreled - six inch long pipettes are graduated in 1/2 ml increments up the 3ml stem and hold a total of 7ml. They have multiple uses in any fish room or breeding setup. They will come in handy for dispensing medications, transferring fry and eggs (just snip the tip wider with a pair of scissors), delivering small foods right to the fry that need them without spreading them all over the tank, and a whole host of other applications.

First Class mail shipping anywhere in the US/Puerto Rico is an affordable $3.45 - This item is not available outside the US/Puerto Rico.

Please do not email payment at close of auction before you hear from me.

We prefer Paypal for payment but US Postal Money Orders available only at your post office are also accepted. I'll contact you regarding payment at the close of the auction.

Thanks for your interest in my cultures!

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Mbolo (194/196) 101-500 Sep 20 2021 - 09:19:04 AM $6.30 BUY IT NOW

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