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White Worm Culture - Free ship & guarantee
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Current Auction Time: Tue Apr 20 11:52:01 2021

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Started Jan 24 2021 - 02:40:02 PM Location Veneta OR 87982 United States
Ended Feb 7 2021 - 02:40:02 PM
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Seller Food (237/239) 101-500
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Cost: $29 total. Includes USPS priority shipping & guarantee.
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Ships well to all parts of the country throughout winter.

A USPS priority box(5-3/8 x 8-5/8 1-5/8") filled with cycled culture. Enough to make several sandwich-container sized cultures. Contains 100’s of worms and an unknown number of eggs. The image is one of the cultures I take yours from.

FYI: White worms prefer ‘organic rich’ medium and why I offer ‘cycled’ culture/medium - if you were to add a starter into a larger quantity of new medium the population can decrease significantly. Depending on the type of medium you start with, It can take several months to build up enough fully cycled/decayed organic material. The medium I send is from a culture at least several months's ready to roll!!!

Why white worms?:
I have cultured white worms for decades and they are easily my favorite live food culture. I have kept this particular strain on a garage shelf, for over a decade, and never had a problem. Production alone, when compared to daphnia, a one gallon daphnia culture will contain 100 daphnia at most, but the same size worm culture would contain 1,000+ white worms. They are very high in protein, can be gut-loaded for extra nutritional value, will survive in a fish tank for weeks, don’t have mite issues like grindal worms do, are productive year round, and fish go crazy for them...there are many reasons that make them my favorite culture.

I find most soil, peat, cocofiber, commercial bedding, and green kitchen scrub pads all work well. I use cocofiber but don't recommend it more than other products. Medium can be the thinnest layer to several inches deep. Make it wet. They prefer their medium organic rich when new it can take up to several months for a culture to build up & cycle enough organics before the worms are content with it.

Tip: Before sending you your culture I reduce moisture so it doesn’t leach into the box. Once you have them in their new container add water.

Feed like any composting worm. On the menu is bread, cereal, rice, potato, and fruits & vegetables. It needs to be soft & wet.

There is a lot of misleading information suggesting white worms require an abnormally low temperature of 62 degrees. Enchytraeus Albidus, on this continent, ranges from Canada to Virginia, as well as inhabiting many other temperate parts of the world. The magic ‘62’ degree number originates from a very old study, on one particular strain, so it doesn’t represent all Enchytraeus Albidus strains. Being there are very few scientific studies on WW that one gets referred to continually. In addition, many of these strains have been in the hobby for decades, such as mine, allowing it to further adapt to our home environments. Reality is white worms are robust in a very wide range of temperatures.

Ideal temperature range is 55 to 75 degrees.

Tip: If you live in a very hot area, and your home doesn’t have a cool spot to keep a culture, your cold water lines are ideal. Set your culture on aluminum foil that is wrapped around your cold water line.

Culture Invaders / Mites:
‘Mites’ are an over discussed issue. There is a super easy solution. Mitigate them. How? Tap on the culture to drive the worms deep into the medium, then remove the top layer of medium and place it outside where the mites will walk off. This takes only seconds and works for a couple weeks.

Place a plastic deli container lid over their food and the worms will crawl onto it. Dip that directly into your fish tanks. .

If DOA, provide a picture, and a one time replacement will be sent at zero cost to you. Please don't create a return as that adds additional steps for us both - just send a picture and we will send another package.

White worms are long and can be damaged if over-handled. Don't stir or rummage through the medium after you receive it.

Add the medium into a plastic container with small holes in the lid. I’m sending enough medium for a shoebox with a thin layer of medium, or several full sandwich containers.

Prior to shipping I reduce moisture from the medium so it doesn't leech water into the packaging. When in their new container add water until soggy.

Add a small piece of bread in the center.

Place your new culture in a cool location. Ideal temperature is 50 to 75 degrees.

The Carbon Dragon
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