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JustMe Page For: Madeto


My name is Mario. MADETO are just first letters from my, my wife and my kids names. I've been raising fish since I was a kid. Right now, I have around 30 tanks from 5 gal. to 150 gal. where I breed all kind of cichlids and some plecos, I also have many live plants and lots of different species of snails. THIS IS ALL JUST MY HOBBY.

SHIPING CICHLIDS AND PLECOS: Iím shipping all my fish FedEx, mostly overnight, sometimes in warmer weather 2nd day and ground. The main reason is that where I live, they are open until 9:00pm. Fish breeding is my hobby. I work for living (Iím service technician) and I come home around 6:00 pm. By the time I pack and box the fish, all overnight express drop offís are closed, except for FedEx. Also, by shipping fish that late into the evening, they donít spend as much time in transit which reduces the stress on the fish. I know they are a bit more expensive than other couriers, but they are dependable, responsible and you can track package very easy. I ship one day a week, mostly Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday. SHIPPING PLANTS AND SNAILS: I can ship plants and snails USPS Priority or Express, because I can pack them night before and then send them from work, during my lunch time.

My Favorite Pet

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