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Bettas Dojo

I will be selling my stock on this account. My stock includes a variety of types and colors. Some to name are, Yellow BF HM and plakats, Metallic Blue HMs, Blue BF HMs, Most solid colors, Black Yellows or Yellow Blacks, Black Oranges, Chocolate HM BFs, etc. I have an international (trans-shipper) account of Bettas_Dojo_International. Please view that for any of the Thailand/Indonesia bettas that I import.

Custom Betta Barrack Systems
I have made several custom systems with the infamous beanie baby boxes. I have also created 2 new systems with higher aquatic/hydraulic system technology called the GRS-J. It is a hassle/siphon free system (my previous Gen-II--I had to siphon every 5 days). If you are interested, please give me the dimension of what you want (or basically the dimensions of the shelf and number of housings you want). I can make a housing of 10-110 or more if I construct it two-fold. If you are interested please inquire. Only serious people and people that are willing to spend some money on a custom system (yes, it is quite costly--equipment is very expensive not my labor). Please do not ask me for schematics to purchase. They are not for sale and if you think of violating the patent, there will be serious penalties (remember, the betta community is very knowledged when it comes to who has what and whose using what) :)

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