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Item #ItemSellerClosesBidsHigh Bid
  South American Cichlids
Open In New Window 1582907984Hot Item Dollar Item 5 Red Shoulder Severums No Reserve PIC Ending Will Ship InternationalJoegargas 02h 41m520.00
Open In New Window 1582952677Hot Item 4 Super Red Discus free shipping PIC Will Ship InternationalJoegargas 15h 06m879.00
Open In New Window 1583009803Hot Item Dollar Item Discus -Super Reds No RESERVE! PIC Will Ship InternationalJoegargas01d 06h +850.00
Open In New Window 1583009951Hot Item Dollar Item Blue Opal (Pigeon Blood) Discus No Reserve PIC Will Ship InternationalJoegargas01d 07h +760.00
Open In New Window 1583103520Hot Item 4 Cobalt Blue Discus 2'' minimum / No reserve PIC Will Ship to United States or Canada OnlySoyshango02d 09h +756.00
Open In New Window 1583026069Hot Item Dollar Item Very red shrimp 20+5+ Bonus add ons PIC Will Ship to Continental United States Only55galman01d 11h +618.00
Open In New Window 1583088225Hot Item Dollar Item 10+2 Green Jade Shrimp PIC Will Ship to Continental United States OnlyFishb02d 04h +624.00
  Wild Livebearers
Open In New Window 1582942442Hot Item Dollar Item 25 Xiphophorus Xiphidium. Rio Purification. Will Ship to United States OnlyShiloh1 12h 15m736.00
  Mixed Lots
Open In New Window 1583123534Hot Item Dollar Item swordtails plecs plants PIC Will Ship to Continental United States OnlyFancyfish02d 14h +621.00
  Aquarium Snails
Open In New Window 1583110703Hot Item Dollar Item 100+ RAINBOW Ramshorn Snails GORGEOUS Free Plants PIC Will Ship to United States or Canada OnlyIloveshrimp02d 10h +923.00

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