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Add New Auction Item

Are you adding a picture to the item?
If You Do Not Have a Picture
Click to continue the item listing process without adding a picture.

Enter Your Picture URL

If you have a picture that is hosted on a Web server, you can enter the URL of the image file in the field below. 
No Unauthorized Linking to Photos! You cannot link to somebody else's picture (so it appears in your listing) without the owner's permission.

Picture URL:
Click to use the above Picture URL and continue the item listing process.

Picture URL Included In Your Description

If you have a picture that is hosted on a Web server but you are going to include the image in your description, you can use this option to have the photo icon beside your auction listing. 

Click if your image will be in your description and continue the item listing process.

Upload Your Picture

This service is free
If you have a picture on your hard drive that you would like to upload and add to your item listing, you can click the 'Browse' button and select the file from your hard drive.Maximum file size is 2 MB. Only photos in JPG or GIF format may be uploaded. Remove all spaces from the filenames before uploading.

Picture File:
Remember, if it is not your photo or you do not have permission from the owner to use a photo, don't use it. Just because you saw the photo on a website don't mean you can use it.

Click to upload your files and continue the item listing process.

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