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Keyword Search Help

And Searches

Search term: leather chair
Returns items if "leather" and "chair" are both found, but does not require that phrase be found in that order, a reverse order, or to even be in the same sentence. No special command is needed. This is the default.

Exact Phrase Searches

Search term: "leather chair"
Returns items with "leather chair," but requires that phrase to be found. Quotes are needed around the terms to be matched as an exact phrase.

Or Searches

Search term: (desk,chair)
Returns items that have at least one of the terms in the parenthesis. If the item has "desk" and/or "chair" then results will be returned. You can also have it search exact phrases without using quotes, like this way:
Search term: (desk,leather chair)
Which would search for the exact phrase "leather chair" and/or "desk" in the item.

Exclude Words Searches

Search term: -desk chair
Returns items that do not have the term desk, but do have other conditions that you set. You cannot simply have an excluded term as your search term, since you would get almost every item at that auction site as a result. You must have a combination, such as what is noted above. In the example, you would get results for items that had "chair," but did not have "desk." The following is a method of allowing multiple exclusions:
Search term: -(desk,bureau) chair
You must note that with that, the parenthesis do not represent or. It will make sure that every item in parenthesis is not included. In the example, you would get results for items that had "chair," but did not have "desk" or "bureau."

Wildcard Searches

Search term: box*
Returns items that begin with "box" such as: boxer, boxing, boxes, boxed This method can be used with most other methods. See the next section for some combinations.

Combinations of Advanced Commands

"chair and desk" -green -red* -(bed,dresser) chair -"xyz corp" board* (box*,cushion) -(red*,dresser)

The line above is an acceptable command. This search addon will allow you to combine as many advanced commands as you like. You can have more than one of the same command too. The above is an example of the combinations of advanced commands with advanced commands inside them.

Term: -(bed,dresser)
Equivalent to term: -bed -dresser

Term: -18*
Will not return results like 1830, 1850, 1800's, 18th. Maybe you are looking for something in the 1900's, so this will exclude the 1800's.

Term: -"xyz corp"
This will exclude items with the exact phrase "xyz corp," but will allow items that have "xyz" and "corp" in any other combination.

Term: -(red*,dresser)
Equivalent to term: -red* -dresser

This will exclude items with the word "dresser" and exclude items that begin with "red," such as any of these: red, reddish, redder.


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