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Live Freshwater Gammarus Scud Shrimp Worm Rotifer
Item #1385945404

Current Auction Time: Sat Jun 23 18:37:48 2018

Final: $7.00 (reserve price met) First Bid $1.00
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Started Nov 24 2013 - 06:50:04 PM Location Rowland Heights CA 91748 United States
Ended Dec 1 2013 - 06:50:04 PM
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Seller Fishrman (22/27) 10-50JustMe
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High Bidder Kikker918 (19/19) 10-50

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Live Freshwater Gammarus Scud Shrimp & Worm Rotifers Copepods Culture Fish Food



    50+ Gammarus Shrimp (Scuds) = Freshwater Shrimp "Amphipods"  Various Sizes.

    In this mixed soup "Culture" of feeders you can expect to find Amphipods, Pond Snails, Red Grindal Worms, Paramecium, Rotifers, and Copepods.


    Culture is good for feeding to your adult fish, fry, tropical fish, and bottom feeders. Your colony will start eating tank sludge, fish waste, and organic debris that help keep your tank clean.


    YouTube Video    

    Video Link to YouTube shows the culture devouring snail food. You can see all kinds of different shimp scuds, pond snails, ramshorn snails, copepods, amphipods, and worms in the video. 


    Feeding Your Culture:

    I drop in a 1.5" tablet of my Gelatin Snail Food and my culture mows down everything in one day. Amazing site to see. You can pretty much feed them any type of tropical fish food or bottom feeder food such as shrimp pellets or veggie pellets. Sometimes I just drop in fresh veggies (Carrots, Cucumber, and Spinach) that are weighted down. Wash vegetables really well from the grocery store because they have pesticides that will kill off your culture.


    Breeding of the Scuds:

    The male shrimp carries his mate on his back while breeding. It is a strange ritual, but the female seems to be okay with it. They swim around for about two days together. When the female is ripe with eggs they will be a mango yellow color. Once the eggs have reached maturity they will hatch as a miniture version of the adult shrimp. The Scuds grow to about the size of a grain of rice when reaching maturity.


    Growing Your Culture:

    The culture will rapidly grow into a large colony if given enough time to breed. It is recommended to use a 5-10 Gallon tank to grow out your colony. Make sure there is plenty of filtration, 84 degree temperature, and good source of air. The last thing is to make sure the culture is fed, but beware to not overfeed your culture. You can cause your culture to rot and die by going overboard. It should take a 1 month to 1.5 months to be a full blown colony.


    Tank Mates:

    You can keep your culture with other freshwater crustaceans such as dwarf shrimp, crabs, & crayfish. I have my colony with my Indonesian Poso Snails, because the snails love to each leftover food and eat the red worms in the gravel. Do not put fish in as tank mates with your culture. They will eat up everything you have strived to grow.


    Using Your Culture to Feed Adult Fish:

    Okay you have done the work of growing your colony. Now is the best part!! You get to take a scoop from your culture tank and drop it into the tank you have your fish in. I personally use the scuds and pond snails to feed my Cichlids, but you can feed them to any tropical fish. You get to see the wild animal in your fish. The fish will stalk their prey as they would in the wild. I love to watch this happen. It reminds me of a Cheetah stalking a Antelope on National Geographic.


    Using Your Culture to Feed Fry:

    For feeding fry I try to stir up the red worms from the gravel and then scoop them with a cup. When your colony has grown large enough you don't even need to stir the gravel. I can see the Red Grindal Worms, Paramecium, Rotifers, and Copepods floating around when my LED lighting hits the water. Your fry will eat this stuff up and grow much more quickly with live feed then if you use fry flake food.



    The live food will be shipped with Hornwort Plant to limit stress. Shipping is $6.00 flat rate added to auction total. USPS Expedited Shipping  in a Kordon Breather Bag. "Guaranteed Live Delivery"





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Kikker918 (19/19) 10-50 Nov 30 2013 - 11:00:35 AM $7.00 

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