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15 Feet 2nd Generation Breather Bags No reserve

  Time Left 01 day 13 hours + Currently $1.00 - No reserve
Started Sat Oct 7 2017 - 09:56:58 AM CDT Starting Price $1.00
Ends Sat Oct 21 2017 - 09:56:58 AM CDT # of Bids 0 (Bid History)
Seller Joegargas (1779/1891) 1000+   (View All Seller's Auctions or This Category)
Location Apollo Beach FL 33572 United States   (View Seller's Feedback)
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No Reserve New “Breather Bags” Second Generation Improved For those who use the Breather Bags with a Heat Sealer I offer Bulk quantities. This auction is for a 15 foot by 6" length can be cut to your own discretion - you can get many bags out of this shipping is $5. After years of using the original Kordon “Breathing Bag” I decided to improve on what they had by producing the second generation “Living Breather Bag” This bag is improved in the following ways! Slightly heaver film which makes it much more puncture resistant. The clarity/transparency is better. No seems to leak! One of the big issues with the original “Breathing Bag” were the seams that leaked. This bag is seamless. The new film also allows better heat sealing capability! Best of all it is about half the price of the Kordon Bag Breather Bags allow carbon dioxide C02 to exit and 02 Oxygen to enter the film because of this no air or oxygen is needed. Very little water needs to be used thus cutting down on the weight making shipping more affordable. Try them now.

This is a promotion for the 2nd gen breather bags only $5 shipping and $1 starting bid so for $6 you can have 15 feet of 2nd generation Breather Bag Film

shipping1508597818 - 15 Feet 2nd Generation Breather Bags No reserve

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