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6 Teleocichla monogramma, F2, from S.A. rapids!

  Time Left 01 day 08 hours + Currently $75.00 - No reserve
Started Tue Mar 14 2017 - 04:52:34 PM CDT Starting Price $75.00
Ends Sun Mar 26 2017 - 02:52:34 PM CDT # of Bids 1 (Bid History)
Seller Alloddballaquatics (1902/1906) 1000+   (View All Seller's Auctions or This Category)
Location Monongahela PA 15063 United States   (View Seller's Feedback)
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High Bidder Evojoey (3/3)
Page Views 280
Payment See Item Description, does not recommend payment via Western Union, Moneygram or other instant cash transfer services (non-bank, point-to-point cash transfers).
Shipping Will Ship to Continental United States Only See Item Description

Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Currency is U.S. dollars (US$).


Winter Weather Conditions, on either end, will determine date of shipping.

PLEASE be aware of this!!!

Up for auction is a group of 6 tank raised, F2, Teleocichla monogramma, an oddball Brazilian rheophilic (found in rapids) cichlids. These are unsexed youngsters sized at 1.5”-2" TL. Males can reach about 5” TL and females about half that. My photo below shows a pair of breeders. An active, peaceful, and entertaining fish as the stay close to the bottom. These aren’t seen to often in the hobby. Easy to keep and feed on just about anything,

Remember these are tank raised fish, being naturally spawned and raised in aquariums in our own hatchery, NOT stressed out, emaciated imported fish that just arrived in the USA and are ready to die! These are NOT pond raised or farm raised using artificial methods either, as some others call “tank raised”!!

We like to say our fish are ... Proudly Pennsylvania Produced™

Only method of shipping offered in these winter months is USPS Express Shipping using the “hold for pick up” (at post office) option for a flat rate of $50.00. (If it ends up you are close to me, the USPS rate may slightly cheaper. You can email me at if you would like for me to check.). By using the “hold for pick up” option it will help protect the shipment from a day of exposure to weather conditions as it rides around in a mail truck for hours prior to delivery to your home. ALSO, this method can sometimes speed up the delivery times on scheduled 2 day deliveries to late next day. Email me your shipping zip code for delivery times as some USPS Express is a 2 day delivery.

Live delivery will be guaranteed, as long as the shipment is picked up within 4 hours once available at your post office. - - - Live delivery is guaranteed to you, but I DO NOT GUARANTEE THE DELIVERY TIME! And remember, Winter Weather Conditions, on either end, will determine date of shipping.

I don't ask to use any other method of shipping on these fish. I will not to take a gamble with living things!!! Let us avoid any problems, headaches, arguments and hard feelings just to try and save a few dollars!!

Again, email me at BEFORE YOU BID if you have ANY questions about the shipping or ANY other possible questions. Payment must be sent within 5 days of auction end, PLEASE! PayPal or United States Postal Service Money Orders accepted only. There will be a 3% additional cost added to the final total once shipping is calculated in, this is to help cover some of the banking, service and handling fees that I get hit with! THANKS FOR LOOKING AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL MY OTHER AUCTIONS, COMBINE WINNING AUCTIONS TO SAVE ON SHIPPING COST! Check out my says it all about my fish & items and the way I do business!

~~ Proudly Pennsylvania Produced™ ~~

fwcichlidso1490557954 - 6 Teleocichla monogramma, F2, from S.A. rapids!

Click Image to search Google for the photo to see if used elsewhere.

Bid History:

Bidders Bid Time Bid Comments
Evojoey (3/3)  Sun Mar 19 2017 - 06:14:04 PM CDT $75.00 

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