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Grindal Worm Culture (Live), FREE SHIPPING!!

  Time Left 04 hours 08 minutes Currently $12.95 - No reserve
Started Mon Jul 9 2018 - 03:14:43 PM CDT Starting Price $12.45
Ends Mon Jul 16 2018 - 03:14:42 PM CDT # of Bids 2 (Bid History)
Seller Willyoueatworms (3/3)   (View All Seller's Auctions or This Category)
Location Dyersburg TN 38024 United States   (View Seller's Feedback)
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High Bidder Reddenaquatics (1/1)
Page Views 410
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Grindal worms are a small white non parasitic worm. They are closely related to the red earthworm. Grindal worms usually grow to approximately 10 mm in length, which are a bit smaller than white worms. This makes them an excellent candidate for larger fry, juveniles, and adult fish. Grindal worms hold a nutritional value of about 70% protein and 14% fat. They can make a highly desirable addition to your fish's diet. Grindal worms are hermaphroditic. This mean that each worm has both male and female reproductive organs. The worms will produce a cocoon that contains anywhere from 20 to 25 eggs. These eggs will hatch in about 12 days. Reproduction is best at 70-75 degrees F. Newly produced grindal worms will start to reproduce at about 20 days old. As with most live cultures, there are different methods to culturing grindal worms. I culture my grindal worms in a 100% organic potting soil medium. I also take great care not to cross contaminate different culture species by using species specific tools, containers, and mediums. These techniques are what works best for me. Buyer will receive grindal worm and soil mixture, small bag of food, information sheet, culturing instructions, and reusable cool pack. SHIPPING POLICY I ship Monday through Wednesday only. This helps prevent loss of life due to weekend delays. I strongly urge all customers to keep a close eye on tracking using USPS tracking service. It is important that you are able to receive your package as soon as it is delivered as some cultures are very sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures. I also advise that all cultures have cold or heat packs add to them to prevent overheating in extreme temperatures. There is an additional $2 for cold and heat packs. I ship to the US only. HOLIDAY SHIPPING POLICY I do NOT ship during holidays. If feel that your order will not arrive without delay, I will hold shipping until the following week. I know this may be of some inconvenience but I want to make sure everyone gets a live culture. DOA POLICY Due to the nature of my products, I do not accept returns. However if in the rare event that your culture arrives dead you must send me 2 photos within 4 hours of delivery time. I will do my best to resolve any issues that you may have. I cannot be responsible for cultures after the allotted delivery time as I cannot control how well you care for them or how long they set exposed to temperatures in mailboxes. I also cannot be responsible for cultures shipped without cold or heat packs in extreme temperatures.

foodl1531772082 - Grindal Worm Culture (Live), FREE SHIPPING!!

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Bid History:

Bidders Bid Time Bid Comments
Altair26 (379/379) 101-500 Mon Jul 9 2018 - 05:52:54 PM CDT $12.45 
Reddenaquatics (1/1)  Thu Jul 12 2018 - 08:12:33 PM CDT $12.95 

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